I’m Gina and I am a Qualified Personal Trainer who became inspired by health and fitness as a result of a turbulent time in my life. I found fitness to be the best stress relief and the cheapest form of therapy. I chose to build myself up through health and fitness and focused on being and becoming a better me. Through this change, I created ‘Just Geens Journey’.

Just Geen is my inspirational online fitness platform that is simply a natural extension of me. The name is a way to remind me that all I can be is me, nothing more and nothing less. And so what motivates me is inspiring you to be the best you, you can be. From Instagram, Twitter and Blogspot, you can follow me on my journey to find out what I’m eating, see my workout routines and receive words of encouragement and inspiration from my posts which should help you reach your own health and fitness goals.

My aim is to encourage you to live by my ethos of fitness, ‘living for the journey’. I believe fitness is not a destination but rather a journey. Health and fitness is about more than just losing weight or achieving your desired body shape. It’s about making those initial decisions to change, taking those small steps and reaching those milestones on your own unique and special journey. The results? The achievement and fulfilment that you will find once you start focusing on what your body can do, rather than what your body looks like.

So let’s walk on this journey together and just remember, a Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.