Alternative Christmas


Tis’ the season to eat, drink and be merry! But that doesn’t mean we should neglect our bodies and the hard work we put into making them look incredible all year. So, this year, why not try to have a slightly alternative Christmas by enjoying healthier food and drinks.

Alcohol is prominent this month with so many parties and outings. It’ll be no surprise though when I say that alcohol is of course empty calories as in, the drink is filled with calories but won’t fill you up, in fact, it’ll actually make you hungry. This doesn’t mean don’t drink but explore other options.

Bucks Fizz is incredibly popular but swap the fizz for sparkling water, it’ll cut the cost down and the calories. With Mulled Wine switch it out for Mulled Apple Juice, simply warm apple juice and add the same flavourings as with wine.

Picky bits can be everyone’s worst nightmare, with so many crisps and nuts sat on tables it is so difficult to restrain yourself. Easy trick, swap out shop bought crisps for your own homemade potato ones. Nuts can be replaced with dried fruit or unsalted nuts.

When it comes to sitting down at the table their are some easy ways to cut out the unhealthy food, bake your carrots, potatoes and parsnips in a mixture of oil 30% and honey 70% as that way it will have sweetness but won’t be overly oily. Ensure you simply cover the vegetables rather than fully coating them.

Enjoy your food but think before you bake, is there a healthy alternative I can add or swap in this recipe?