MoreYoga So your girl went and got her Yoga on last week, at one of the MoreYoga Studios in Tower Bridge. They actually have 14 studios across London and 23 different class styles. I attended the Ashtanga class. The class was an hour long and in all honesty, the 60 minutes couldn’t ... Read More »
    So you’re probably thinking, Gina you recently reviewed a pair of insoles. However, I am back with another one *DJ Khaled Voice* LOL. Meet the  Sorbothane Pro Insoles. These differ to the Sole Footbeds I reviewed in a previous post, as these are designed not just for the everyday athlete who needs ultimate protection ... Read More »
Last week I got invited down to the launch of a new gym partnership bridging the gap between retail and fitness. Debenhams has collaborated with a fitness club called SWEAT and the branch in Sutton is the first department store to have a gym on the shop floor. This collaborating is ... Read More »
Are you wearing the correct shoes for your workouts? When I first started working out I literally wore the same trainers when running, walking, weight lifting or doing group HIIT classes. However, I soon noticed that I was getting random injuries and pains and this led me to find out that ... Read More »
So are you one of those people who find that your feet tire quickly during exercise? If so, then these Sole footbeds are just the thing you need. Sole footbeds are over the counter orthopedic insoles which help your feet in several ways. They are ideal for runners, athletes and everyday ... Read More »
So I’ve been looking to try different ways of keeping active, and gave Hot Yoga a try as it’s something that I’ve been meaning to try for a while.  I’ve actually never tried Hot Yoga before so I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I just knew that it was ... Read More »
So last week I had the pleasure of being invited down to Speedflex Gym in Bank. What makes SpeedFlex so different is that it its a cardio and resistance workout at the same damn time (2 Chains Voice). SpeedFlex machines have a free motion bar which, unlike traditional resistance exercise machines, require ... Read More »
  So in light of Mental Health Awareness Week I thought I’d shed some light on my journey as I feel it may encourage someone. I suffered with depression from quite a young age but I hit my peak when I was 22, which was when these left pictures were taken. Through ... Read More »