Right… so I know it’s extremely hard to stay fit and maintain a ‘healthy’ food regime. Quite frankly it can become extremely boring… but it doesn’t always have to be. Below are a few things I eat on a day to day basis which I’m going to share with you. Remember ... Read More »
So many people use the weather as an excuse not to work out, but as the weather’s always rubbish in England, using the weather as an excuse means you probably won’t ever work out. So today it’s snowing and it’s that cold that I’m even lacking the motivation to go to ... Read More »
So today was my rest day but I found myself in the gym doing stretches. I could have stretched at home, but hey who was I kidding!It was either go to the gym and stretch, or stay at home and get tempted by the smell of fresh Jollof Rice, Fried ... Read More »
Wow! A New Year already and I guess it’s that time where we all make resolutions that we hope to keep right? I made a few this year and here they are: Stop smoking – Considering I don’t smoke and have never been a smoker it was pretty easy to do! ... Read More »
I try to keep my post workout meals as healthy as possible. Today after a workout session I had Roast Chicken for protein, Avocado Salad for anitoxidents and healthy fatty acids & Grilled Sweet Potato Fries for good carbohydrates. Who says eating healthy has to be boring and ... Read More »
I’m not a personal trainer, fitness instructor or gym expert, but just a female who became inspired by fitness as a result of a “break up”, which is where I got the phrase “traded in my heart for muscles” from.  Whilst going through a break up I found fitness to be ... Read More »