So over the last month, I’ve been using the new USN Phedra Cut Lipo XT Fat Burner. It’s a two-in-one liquid capsule containing clinically researched ingredients to help you achieve your weight control goals. The unique capsule within a capsule provides 900mg of CLA in the outer capsule, which is a natural fatty ... Read More »
So apparently there is a lettuce shortage in the UK, last week it was courgettes and now this, why are they punishing us healthy eating folk? We only want to look and feel amazing! Fear not, I’ve got you covered with some amazing ways to still build a salad without ... Read More »
For those who didn’t catch it, I featured in The Voice News talking about exercise and therapies. I do believe that the right exercise can go a long way in helping you mentally and physically. If you have a strong interest in fitness then you will probably know how good you ... Read More »
I’m sure you’ve all seen the news that burnt toast can now cause cancer. Crazy right? So this got me thinking, what other breakfasts are there which we can enjoy over toast? Crumpets: a popular choice in the English culture these little delights can be topped with all sorts from eggs ... Read More »
For those who didn’t catch it, last Friday I was featured in London’s Time Out magazine. I spoke to them about foodie spots for you to go to, so you can enjoy eating out without worries. However, working with Time Out magazine got me thinking, maybe we should think about ... Read More »
The online world has finally got on the health bandwagon and has it grabbed hold and caused a storm. From apps to social media everything online now supports healthy bodies and minds. Social media is a great tool for weight loss; be it you are following dietitians, chefs, yoga instructors or ... Read More »
Finding motivation to be active in the winter months can be incredibly difficult, especially when all you want to do is wrap up warm in thick jumpers instead. However, motivation can be found in an unlikely place; your wardrobe. In January shops are stocked with lycra and hoodies, the two key ... Read More »
As you guys know, recently I took part in a Yakult Campaign with the Olympic swimmer, Jazz Carlin, to find out my swimming age. The whole point of trying to find out my swimming age was to see what level I’m swimming at, based on the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) swimming ... Read More »