January 1st begins with the same sentence ‘this year, my resolution is’, usually in the sober light of day this resolution shows its flaws. However, we try to stick to it but normally by mid Jan we’ve given up and returned to our previous ways. Instead of deciding on an ... Read More »
So one of my goals this year is to find an alternative way to get a workout in. Gym is great, but it has come to that point where I am actually getting bored and looking for new challenges. So I took myself down to the Kelechnekoff Studio in Hackney, ... Read More »
Although Xmas day is over, you can bet the over indulgence of carb loaded dishes, chocolate infused deserts and alcohol is far from over. Most health conscious people use the festive period as a way to make up for the strict regimes they put themselves through, over the course of the ... Read More »
Christmas day is a time of cheer, not a time of fear. Instead of worrying about how many calories we consume in one day, we should simply try to adhere to some basic rules. Start the day with some ‘bucks fizz’ but swap the alcohol for lemonade, you can still cheers ... Read More »
Tis’ the season to eat, drink and be merry! But that doesn’t mean we should neglect our bodies and the hard work we put into making them look incredible all year. So, this year, why not try to have a slightly alternative Christmas by enjoying healthier food and drinks. Alcohol is ... Read More »
December is here, which means one thing, time to wrap up warm and stay inside. But this is no excuse for not staying fit. With gyms being indoors and fitness DVDs requiring you to stay inside there are no more reasons to avoid exercising! I’ve created some handy tips to help you stay ... Read More »
Honesty hour! As the winter months approach, finding time, energy and motivation to work out will become increasingly difficult. It’ll be dark, wet and bitterly cold so of course it’s going to be a struggle to drag yourself out of bed or the office to burn off those comfort food ... Read More »
  Figuring out the best time to workout can be as mythical, political and nonsensical as debating whether or not we should be drinking animal or legume milk. But as with all things both complex and beneficial, the answer only truly lies within yourself. Yep, it’s personal. Some say working out before ... Read More »