Christmas for the health conscious

Christmas day is a time of cheer, not a time of fear. Instead of worrying about how many calories we consume in one day, we should simply try to adhere to some basic rules.

  1. Start the day with some ‘bucks fizz’ but swap the alcohol for lemonade, you can still cheers but minimise the calories.
  2. Have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on wholemeal bread, there is nothing wrong with this as fish and eggs are both full of protein.
  3. If you are hosting Christmas day add in some fruit nibbles, simple chopped up apples, oranges and berries, that way you can sit and nibble on those instead of salty options.
  4. When you get to sit down, build your prawn cocktail individually instead of mixing the prawns into the sauce, that way you can have less sauce.
  5. Cover your dinner in gravy instead of white sauces, gravy is mostly made of water so much better than thicker sauces and tastes just as good.
  6. Split your plate into 2 quarters and one half, fill the half with vegetables, one quarter with roast potatoes and the other quarter with turkey.
  7. When it comes to pudding it can be difficult to say no, so use this time as a moment to enjoy a treat, have a pudding with the option of fruit and skip the sauce, that way you can taste more of the pud and not feel as bad.
  8. Finally, once the cheese starts circling pile up the grapes, they taste great with cheese and crackers but make you feel less guilty due to enjoying one of your five a day.

Enjoy your Christmas day and may it bring everything you want. Gina x