Eat Clean & Get Lean

So from 1st April until 31st May, I’ve decided to experiment with my body and food with the aim of targeting my stomach. I know some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking “oh please there’s nothing wrong with your stomach”. Well… I beg to differ! I have premature packs that want to come through and my stomach is not firm…I’m so sure it’s confused. Please don’t let the images fool you because my stomach still folds when I sit down looool.

But anyway… This is the 5th week of switching up my diet, and I’m feeling great! A typical day for me food-wise looks like this:

Breakfast 8:00am
Fruit & Veg Smoothie
Snack 11:00am
Fruit Salad
Lunch 1:00pm
Prepared Meal (Salmon, Sweet Potato & Veg)
Snack 3:00pm
Fruits & Nuts
Pre-dinner 5:00pm (usually before gym)
Salmon Sandwich (brown bread)
Dinner  8:00pm
Prepared Meal (Chicken Breast, Quinoa & Veg)


Yup! It’s pretty simple and I’m starting to see the benefits.

What I think has made such a difference is the little things. For example, I’ve avoided saturated fats, oils, dairy and processed sugars etc. I’ve not had any sweets, junk food (Ok, I’m lying … 🙁 There was that one trip to TGI lol), additional salt or dressing on my meals. If I’ve needed more flavour I’ve opted for lemon juice.
Any fats I’ve consumed have been natural – from nuts and protein and any sugars have come from my fruits.
Exercise wise I haven’t done much because of my knee injury. So I’ve been taking it easy and I’ve still seen a difference, so just imagine how much change will occur if I went hard on the cardio.
Remember this is just an example of what I’ve done and what has worked for ME. I know loads of people don’t like eating carbs after 7 and that’s fine… But I’ve been eating carbs after 7 and I haven’t seen any negative results. I guess it’s all about knowing what works for YOUR body.
So why not experiment for 30 days and see what results you come out with.