Exercise is cheaper than therapy

Yoga Sunset

For those who didn’t catch it, I featured in The Voice News talking about exercise and therapies. I do believe that the right exercise can go a long way in helping you mentally and physically.

If you have a strong interest in fitness then you will probably know how good you feel after working out, doing exercise can help you feel more relaxed but also more energised.

Those of you interested in science will know, when you work out your body releases endorphins. These interact with receptors in your brain and reduce your perception to pain, triggering a positive feeling in the body.

Your brain also releases a protein called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which protects and repairs elements in your memory neurons and act as a reset switch, making us feel at ease and happy after exercising.

All exercises make you feel different ways, for example, running for 30 minutes will make you feel exhausted but also awake, you will have more energy as you’ve been constantly moving. A key reason why people do cardio in the mornings.

Unlike cardio, yoga workouts can make you feel far more relaxed, there is a lot less fast movement and you can stretch muscles to enhance flexibility and calm bones. This also can help you feel relaxed mentally due to focusing on your breathing and ignoring your surroundings.

Toning and aerobics fall in between the above two workouts. They are not full of movement so don’t leave you too tired but are also constant enough that leave you with energy. These types of workouts are often combined with yoga or cardio to give you a fuller feeling of wellness.

Working out can give you a break, you have to concentrate on your body, how it’s working, how it’s supporting you and how it’s changing.

G x