Food For Thought

This post is somewhat controversial because we all know or should know that heels are not really good for us.
Not only do they hurt, but they can cause damage to your knees and can increase the chances of arthritis.
HOWEVER lets be honest…even though its bad for us, females are not going to stop wearing 5inches anytime soon the same way males won’t stop cheating (I joke I Joke , I kid I Kid lol)
Anywhoooo, I decided to do my research and it wasn’t all bad. 
I found these to be the healthy benefits to wearing heels:
Good Body Posture
Apparently, by wearing heels you walk tall with your shoulders back and your head up. This is supposed to help you reduce any neck and back pain cause by slouching. Good body posture can also boost your confidence- this I know a lot of females including myself can relate to because I know when I wear my 5inches I feel like I can conquer the world.
Also, having good posture is meant to give you optimal muscle and organ function and tone your core muscles-and we all know everyone wants a toned core. 
Toned legs
They say that by wearing heels you’re activating the muscles in your legs and pelvic area which not only strengthens but also tones your legs. Your calf muscles in particular are deeply engaged which probably explains why after a night out your legs are feeling like you’ve done loads of calf raises.
So there it is ladies…just a little food for thought.