GymBox: Frame Fitness

Part of my fitness journey this year is to try as many different fitness classes as I can. So this month, I attended  the  Frame Fitness class at GymBox, Old Street.

When deciding what class to attend, I knew I was looking for something that would build and develop both my strength and skill and just from reading the GymBox class description of the Class, I was sold-“ The serious alternative to traditional gym training. Frame Fitness combines the key elements for fitness- pulling, pushing. Climbing and lifting, incorporating our specialised indoor training frames”.



Pre Workout Selfie

The class was led by Lawrence who gave us clear instructions and motivated us throughout the session. We started the class with an intense warm up which included one of my favourite exercises, the walk down push up.

We were put into partners for the first half of the main workout. We had to do 5 reps of 10 pull ups and 10 chin ups each. We were allowed to use resistance bands for support which was a relief, but once I got to the third round, my back and shoulders were crying.

For the second half of the workout, we had to complete this combination- squat to clean to squat to overhead press. We were required to use dumbbells but as there were only heavy weights left, I used kettlebells.  We had 15 minutes to complete ‘As Many Rounds As Possible’ (AMRAP) or complete 100 rounds. If you think that’s bad, after each third minute, we had to complete 10 chest to floor burpees. I would love to say I managed to reach 100 rounds but the routine was so intense that I zoned out lost count.

I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for something out of their comfort zone. This short and intense class is different to your typical gym routine and is sure to leave you sweating buckets.


Post Workout Selfie

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