Chris’ Journey

Well, it really wasn’t until the evening of January 28th 2012 when I decided that I no longer want to be labelled as “fat” or seen as the “the big guy.” I made up my mind that I was going to set myself a goal and loose weight not only for me, but to prove to those that had ever had any doubt in me. Aside from those goals, it was a chance for me to see what I’d look like slim (lol).

To begin my weight loss journey, I went on a very low calorie diet. The diet consisted of protein shakes, protein bars and soups; I’d also eat a specific amount of protein that was all strictly weighed out. At first it was really hard to be so disciplined especially as I was use to feeding my body anything and everything at anytime of the day. However, what kept me going was the end goal that I had in sight.

On my journey I set myself personal weight targets along the way. Each time i’d hit my target, I would set myself another one, but make it even more challenging. For me, my weight loss journey was very much “mind over matter.” It was important for me to make sure my head was in the game at all times, and to be honest that’s what kept me going for so long.

I lost 9 stone in total over the period of a year and half and I’m maintaining it with a new fitness regime. Yes you can loose all the weight (which is good) but it is also about the maintenance. ┬áThis includes weight training 4 times a week and a clean eating diet. Right now, I’m loving life. I have a new perspective of how I relate to food (and yes it was a relationship I had with food). Loosing weight has really changed my mindset and how I choose to fuel my body. It’s all about the determination, drive and passion!!

I always say that if I can do it, ANYONE CAN!