Jeffery’s Journey

2012 is when I really started to take this health and fitness stuff seriously. Going to all the spartanfam classes, doing my own outdoor workouts, going gym & playing basketball. Although mentality and ability wise I was getting better I felt like my body didn’t necessarily represent that. I’ve been one to train just for aesthetics purposes. I’m more pleased about what my body can do rather than how it looks.

But having saying that if I am training as and effective as I say I do and eating all the right foods and following the correct nutrition then my body will change & transform.

As I entered mid way of 2014 I felt  like I was getting too comfortable and reached plateau. In the month of June I weighed as much as 98kg putting on over half a stone. This woke me up and gave me motivation not only to lose the fat but also transform my body into something it should have been a long time ago.

In the summer I worked out as much as twice a day. Some days even 3. I’d jog every morning do 5k. My eating was the strictest it’s ever been.¬† From meal preps , to my portion sizes, my nutrition had to be spot on.

After 15 weeks of hard work & good nutrition I was able to achieve a total fat loss of 35 lbs – 16kg. The results I saw every week motivated me. I was in tunnel vision and completely locked it.

I’m happy now on reflection of my training, my nutrition & my lifestyle . It’s onwards and upwards from here.