Kimberley’s Journey

My Journey….

I will never forget the day, my sister made a reference to me rolling into the house.

It hit me, that I had put on a lot of weight. University was the peak of my weight gain, I had been working at Pizza Hut and that meant I was taking home large pizzas at least 3 times a week, plus, the party life meant I was consuming a lot of alcohol.

I was oblivious to my weight gain, but it took my sister and recent photos to realise I had to shift the extra pounds. Every winter I would promise myself to loose weight just in time for summer – which ended up never happening.

After a colleague suddenly passed away, it dawned on me how short life is. I became extremely emotional as a couple of day’s before this, we had spoken about joining a local boot camp.

It was definitely a wakeup call!

My decision to contact Gina was based on her weight loss journey and the fact she was just a regular girl who had essentially been there and done it.

I started training with Gina once a week and the training sessions included a 5 min warm up, followed by a 30-40min High Intensity Interval Training, and then a cool down (stretches). My sessions with Gina were always challenging and hard, but the harder the workouts, the stronger I became.

Along with the training, I started to eat healthily and adjust my portion sizes – that’s when I started to notice a change in the way I looked and felt. My journey has been far from easy, but honestly eating healthily and exercising regularly will ensure you see results.

A year down the line, my body structure has changed incredibly  – I have lost 3 inches off my waist (was a 32 now a 29) and have dropped down 2 dress sizes. Even though I am still on a journey, health and fitness has now become a lifestyle.

I personally couldn’t have done this by myself. Investing in a personal trainer meant I was shown the correct exercises, principles to follow, meal plans, and most importantly encouraged to never give up.