Yasmin’s Journey


I started working out and making healthier choices in December 2013. It’s been just over a year now. When I was younger I had always been naturally slim (size 6) and had never worked out as I didn’t feel I needed to, I knew nothing about nutrition and would hardly eat.I fell pregnant with my daughter and I can honestly say the weight gain didn’t come from pregnancy as I hardly gained anything (during final stages of my pregnancy I could still fit into size 10/12 trousers). After I chose to go on the contraceptive injection and ended up eating more and never exercising I gained a lot of weight in a short space of time my biggest I weighed around 12stone I’m only 5ft tall I was obese…my self esteem went out the window. I didn’t know how to dress for this new size and I was depressed. I thought I would be unhappy and big forever I was verging on a size 16 but managed to somehow take control back of my life through fitness. I’ve become stronger as a person and I’m glad I started!