Look and feel, then be the part

image1Finding motivation to be active in the winter months can be incredibly difficult, especially when all you want to do is wrap up warm in thick jumpers instead. However, motivation can be found in an unlikely place; your wardrobe.

In January shops are stocked with lycra and hoodies, the two key ingredients to creating a fitness wardrobe. Whilst for many of us wearing gym clothes to town is not ideal, wearing them around the house can be. When you are wearing leggings and gym t shirts your more likely to stand and squat in front of the TV instead of lounging on the sofa with some chocolate.

Training gear does of course have the added bonus of being incredibly comfortable so sitting around having your morning coffee in three quarter length leggings does bring some comfort to the start of your day. Getting into gear first thing will motivate you even more.

As soon as you wake up get into your training gear, you never know when you might find a few minutes to workout; especially if you have little ones to get ready or food to prepare. When you get home from work or your daily activities get back into your workout clothes, that way you’ll find that in the evening you can workout instead of sitting down.

The trick to always stay motivated; keep your workout clothes separate from lounging clothes to remind you that when you are wearing the clothes you need to act the part.