Lost In The Sauce

imageConfidence is a funny little thing. Sometimes I’m with it and other times I’m swiping left after a poor opening sentence.
“Fake it til you make it” they say, and yes, faking it does work, but when you get used to performing to an empty auditorium, it’s easy to lose your grip on reality and catch yourself mile deep in the sauce.

For instance, if we were to play a word association game and I asked you to name all the words and phrases you think of when you hear “personal trainer”, how many of them will relate to the person’s exterior? “Baby oil”, “muscles”, “boiled chicken”… All about the looks. “Arrogant”, “Boring”, “Pushy”… All internal but all negative. People have a very strange perception about PTs, I’ve been called everything from manly to militant and from cocky to confident, but like most people in the world I don’t always cope well.

Working in fitness is a real eye opener for “the struggle”. I meet so many people – both clients and colleagues, who have spent so long faking it that they have completely lost sight of themselves, often becoming caricatures of a dreamt up stereotype. And men and women really sit on level playing fields here, both battling crippling insecurities with a puffed up chest and a dumbbell.

Training to become a better you CAN make you more confident but it often comes with a price tag even the most prudent of “dollar boys” will wince at. Listen, changing and upgrading is the easy part but being content and maybe even happy with those changes is where shit gets hard. Speaking from experience of myself and the people around me, I can assure you that you will always want to do and be better which can create a lot of pressure and sometimes even make you more insecure than before you started. You have to be ready to look your ego in the eye and tell it to fuck off. Confidence takes work and it takes grit. My advice to you: don’t get lost in the sauce, scoop that shit up and make it a part of your 5 a day. You’re gonna need all the energy you can get to keep conquering your fears, nothing worth having comes easy.

Love Geen X