So my birthday present to myself was a trip to New York.

The annoying thing about holidays for me is that I always feel guilty for enjoying my holiday and not working out. So obviously I had to make use of my surroundings and workout whenever and wherever I could lol.

I’m gonna be honest, my diet was a shambles, I threw clean eating out the window and became the old Gina – the 11 stone 11 year old indulging in any and everything I wanted. The worst thing was it felt so good to do it and I didn’t care about the repercussions!  You’re probably thinking WTF but this was all planned.

Before I left, I had started to lose motivation and the drive to keep going hard-why? Because I didn’t have a visual goal. I didn’t have a beach holiday coming up or anything short term to work towards so going hard was getting boring, I wanted something to look forward to and I wanted a new challenge. Also, because it was my birthday month I was surrounded by alcohol, restaurants and endless cake.

So I said to myself, you know what, go on holiday, ‘YOLO’ and get it out of your system. I’m the kind of person where I need to feel before I hear so I knew I needed to see myself put on the weight to get that motivation to go hard again. It may sound silly but that’s just how I work, I’m not scared of putting on weight because I know my body and I know how to put weight on just as much as I know how to lose it.

But I’ve come back, put on weight and have fallen in love with the gym all over again.

Funnily enough some of my other fitness friends are going through the same transition, so we’ve joined together to start a #MonthOfMadness. We all have individual goals, some are trying to bulk, shred, tone up…. you name it and for the next month we will be going hard like when we first began. If your on Instagram lookout for the #MonthOfMadness hashtag to see all the crazy stuff we will be up to.

I’m excited about the next 28 days and can’t wait to share my results. If your up for the challenge, join in and hashtag #MonthOfMadness in your instagram pictures and lets go hard together.