So your girl went and got her Yoga on last week, at one of the MoreYoga Studios in Tower Bridge.

They actually have 14 studios across London and 23 different class styles. I attended the Ashtanga class. The class was an hour long and in all honesty, the 60 minutes couldn’t have come fast enough because it was HARD! I used to be quite flexible in my early twenties, but as chapter 30 is vast approaching, I think my flexibility is disappearing with my young age :-(.

Ashtanga Yoga

So Ashtanga Yoga works through the different series of postures and connects the movement of the body with your breaths. It sounds a lot simpler than it is, but your body is put to the test as a lot of these postures engage so many different muscle groups. Also, you’re required to hold each posture for a few breaths (which are longer than seconds). 


The best way to describe how I felt the following morning is SORE! I felt pain in parts of my body I didn’t even realise I had worked. Strangely enough, this has given me the urge to go back for more because i’m weird LOL! There are so many health benefits of Ashtanga Yoga and some of these benefits are increased flexibility, core strength,  stamina, endurance and many other things.


The brilliant thing about MoreYoga is that not only is it easily accessible (with its various studios), it is very affordable too. They have so many different price plans and theres something for everyone. If you’re new to yoga, they have a 20 day pass for only £15. Pay As You Go blocks are as cheap as £6.50 a session (depending on the package) and monthly memberships starts from £32, with the first month being half price.

For more information, check out their website:

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