So over the weekend me and SpartanFam put our training to the test by taking on a 7.5k mud race. Two words frikkin amazing!!!!

Words can’t begin to describe how exhilarating the whole experience was.

The race consisted of army style challenges, canoeing, an obstacle course, river crossing, archery, mud alleys, river dips and a beasting session.

Me and my two team mates completed the race in an hour and 28 minutes. Considering the team was suffering from knee and ankle injuries we still managed to make it to the finish line.

The time we finished in was not even what we cared about. We just wanted to finish it together. We didn’t see it as a race in the literal sense but rather a challenge. We did not whine or moan and our main goal was exercising our teamwork rather than completing the course in the fastest time.

To be honest the actual race wasn’t even that hard besides the canoeing bit. That’s probably where we lost a lot of time because we were scared as hell. Gospel, Bashment, RnB, HipHop I mean we sang them all just to get through that river.

Also, the freezing cold water didn’t help. You’d think your body would get used to it after a while but nope! I lost all feeling in my legs, toes and fingers for the majority of the race.

However, I would definitely do it all over again. It felt so good to actually put my fitness and training to the test. Sure I got mud in my hair, dirty water all over my body and almost lost my trainers but it was all worth it in the end.

Now I know my mental and physical strength has no boundaries I’m going to push myself till I can’t push myself no more and you should do the same.

Bring on the next mud race!