New Year, New You; Resolutions You Can Stick Too



January 1st begins with the same sentence ‘this year, my resolution is’, usually in the sober light of day this resolution shows its flaws. However, we try to stick to it but normally by mid Jan we’ve given up and returned to our previous ways. Instead of deciding on an unrealistic resolution why not opt for a few smaller ones?

  1. Drink more water; no need to buy an expensive new bottle simply grab a bottle, a ruler and a pen and mark 8 points on the bottle with times. Aim to drink the whole bottle by the end of the day.
  2. Eat 5 a day; fruit and vegetables can easily be added to many different dishes to up your 5 a day intake. Add fruit to your breakfast, vegetables in sandwiches and both for dinner.
  3. Sleep better; get into a sleep routine, go to bed at a set time and set an alarm to wake you up in 8 hours to ensure you have a full sleep. Avoid drinking anything an hour before bed to avoid you waking up in the night.
  4. Exercise more; develop a 10 move workout, doing each exercise for 30 seconds so you only do 5 minutes a day which is easy to do either in the morning or before bed. Focus on the whole body so you can do a full body workout every day.
  5. Be calm; turn off your technology for 5 minutes a day and breath, read a book or listen to music just ignore the outside world and focus on yourself.

Enjoy this year, don’t stress over major life changes but rather smaller realistic changes.