Nike & Elle -We Own The Night

On Saturday 18th May, me and 3385 women took part in Nike & Elle’s ‘We Own the Night’ women’s 10k run in Victoria Park.

This was my first ever race and I had never ran 10k before or even trained for the event. Minor I thought- this will be a walk in the park…NOT!!! My knee injury had been holding me back for a while so when I first heard about the race I decided I wasn’t going to do it. However, two days before the race I changed my mind.

I went to Nike Town to pick up my kit with my good friend Christabel Rose and we took our event photo- it was confirmed- we were running the race.

I’ve decided to make this post a little different. You’re probably bored of hearing what I have to say so I’ve asked Christabel to give her version of events and tell you about why she decided to get involved in the race.

“Right – so a few months ago the thought of running on concrete was a big NO! Until one day I looked in the mirror and caught a glimpse of myself and thought “Wait! What’s that? Where did this come from?” #BingoWings&Tyres. I just thought as time passed it would disappear but denial isn’t only a river in Egypt! Gina who goes spartanfam told me to come along but I’m not a fan of circuits, so I made excuses and didn’t go.

Then she told me about Run Dem Crew! (RDC), who run around the great city of London exploring hidden places and great bridges. I quickly got on my running gear and joined in April. I did my first run with Food & Lycra (Super Steep Sundays) and nearly passed out but the girls encouraged me throughout – shout out to Laura!

18th May Race Day – was close to bottling it because I was so nervous and my anxiety started kicking in but once I saw all the RDC ladies and Gina I was like “ok I can do this – I got this”. By 7k I’m sure my mind had shut down and I was just cursing myself but the ladies from RDC kept pushing me to the finish line!

It was a great experience and with the emotional tears I would probably do it again! I’m not a fitness freak nor am I very healthy but I feel so much better than I did in January mentally and physically. Now it’s not even about the running, it’s knowing I’m getting away from things that do my head in daily and just meeting the RDC family.

I would like to thank Food & Lyrca, Gina and Run Dem Crew for the constant encouragement!”

I would just like to add that 7k was also the mental mark of where it got tough for me- I literally wanted to slit my wrists!!! But I just kept thinking #NoExcuses #JustKeepOnRunning. At least now I know what to expect when running Race for Life (RFL) in June. I will definitely be training for that event as I can’t deal with the shock again.


But anywho…that’s it from me and Christabel for now.