Nike Flyknit Experience at Somerset House

So from today untill Wednesday, Nike will be hosting a Flyknit experience at Somerset House to launch the new Flyknit Lunar1+. What makes these trainers so special? Well, they are as light as a feather and provide the perfect fit for the perfect run. 
At the event you’ll be able to have a one-to-one footwear consultation, take the shoes for a trial run and learn more about the shoe design. Anyone going should make good use of this foot consultation because it’s important that you wear the correct footwear when working out. Your footwear should be fitted to suit your foot type. 
How do you find your foot type?  There are two options:
1.       Go to your local Sports Direct store and use a machine they have in store, this is usually found near the running trainers; or 
2.      Wet your foot and step on a dark, flat surface. If your foot imprint is wide and fat with practically no arch showing, you have flat feet. If your foot imprint has an arch but it seems to almost be on one side of your foot, you have a high arch. If your foot imprint shows both a bit of flatness and a bit of an arch, then you have a normal foot.
Obviously the first option is the easiest. 
I’m flat footed so I should be wearing trainers that provide extra support, slight motion and cushion because being flat footed causes your feet to hit the ground harder. Wearing the correct footwear not only enhances your performance but also prevents injuries such as blisters, black toenails, back, knee and hip pain, Achilles tendonitis and shin splints (leg pain). 
You’ll also be able to join the Nike Flyknit run clubs for a 5k run. Unfortunately I will not be participating in this because my knees are on their last legs right now, but it should be fun. 
For more information on the event click here.
I’ll most probably go down on Wednesday so hopefully I will see some of you there.