Nike Flynit Agility- Quickness, made even lighter.


It is sooooo important to ensure you’re wearing the correct footwear when training.  This is because incorrect footwear can lead to injuries and other complications which could slow you down..

When I first started working out, Nike Free’s were my first choice. However, with me being flat footed, I started to notice that running and high impact exercises were hard on my knees.

My training routine currently involves a lot of plyometrics and high impact circuits. So I did my research and picked up these Nike Flynit Zoom Agility trainers.

They’re specifically designed for strength, speed and flexibility and are perfect for high intensity workouts and exercises where you need to be fast on your feet.

Previously, I was using my Nike Air Zoom running trainers for all workouts. However, running shoes focus on movement. Whereas training shoes, this one in particular, focuses on cushioning and even distribution of weight on feet.

These trainers are so light and flexible. They also have areas which provides ventilation, so your feet are able to breathe during your workout.

Underneath the sole, there are airbag pockets which gives the shoe extra cushioning. The extra cushioning is great because your feet are instantly supported when they hit the floor. These air bags are also placed in areas where you generally feel the most amount of pressure on your feet when your working out.

My only issue is that I find the laces a bit short. But other than that, these are my new favourites. I plan to get more colours when they go in the sale as they are £140. However, if you’re someone who’s style of training involves a lot of HIIT circuits and high impact exercises, I would encourage you to get them as they are brilliant.