Online world of fitness

The online world has finally got on the health bandwagon and has it grabbed hold and caused a storm. From apps to social media everything online now supports healthy bodies and minds.

Social media is a great tool for weight loss; be it you are following dietitians, chefs, yoga instructors or gym buffs. There is no stopping anyone from logging onto their phone and seeing motivational tips and tricks on their timeline from those in the know.

App stores across all mobile devices have soared in recent years, there is an app for literally everything. Want to stop drunk calling your ex? There is an app for that. Want to keep track of how much water you have? There is an app for that.

Many applications on stores are not expensive either – most of them are actually free – and so many encourage using Facebook and contacts from your phone. This means that even if you are far away from your friends you can still encourage each other to keep fit.

It’s well worth going online and typing in your app store for your phone and ‘the best app for…’ this way your search will give you articles with honest reviews about apps and which one will suit your needs more.

Its important to not let money or worry impact your fitness life. Get searching and find apps with advice and get following on social media for helpful videos on your timeline.

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