Why is Gymbox the most amazing gym in the world? Well, personally I love the fact that the classes available, allow you to explore different dimensions in fitness.

I had the pleasure of trying out its new #Poleography class.

If the name hasn’t given it away, poleography is basically pole dance choreography. The purpose of the class is to explore pole dancing techniques through choreography. Rather than just learning pole tricks, you also focus on musicality and emotion.

I’ve attended 2 pole classes in my life, so I am far from a pro. However, I found the class both challenging and fun. I went through the normal motions of being extremely nervous and self conscious at the beginning. I was even scared to take off my socks lol ( I hate feet), but our instructor Coco, ¬†was very welcoming and very helpful. She broke the routine down into several stages and went through each stage on numerous occasions, until everyone had the routine.

What I liked about the class was that it allowed me to learn how to move gracefully on the pole. It brought out my ‘inner sexy’ as I imagined I was Beyonc√© in a music video, working the pole lol.

Feedback from other class members was unanimous in the sense that everyone was nervous and shy to begin with, but found that later on in the class, they were in their element.

This class is definitely a confidence booster and one I would recommend as it highlights strong to be the new sexy!