Race For Life

This year I’m taking part in race for life. I haven’t personally lost anyone  as a result of cancer but I have friends that have, so I’ve decided to take part to help raise money for cancer research.

On Saturday 22 June 2013 me and some of my girls will be running 10k at Finsbury park.

I’m not a long distance runner, or a runner in general. I’d rather squat or do push ups to be honest, but running 10k will push me out of my comfort zone and take my fitness to new heights.

This is definitely going to be difficult, but with hard work and training I know me and my girls will be able to kill it.

I’m gonna start switching up my training from this weekend. For example, tomorrow me and my girls have aimed to run from Stratford to Oxford Circus. I worked it out to be just under 7 miles and it would take about 2 hours and 10 minutes if walked, so it should take us less than that.

Just thinking about it right now it sounds so long and ambitious… BUT this year is all about breaking boundaries so were going for the kill.

Please show support and sponsor me by clicking here.

Hopefully some of you will also come and show support on the day and watch us run.

Wish us luck and see you at the finish line.