Recycled Resolutions

Wow! A New Year already and I guess it’s that time where we all make resolutions that we hope to keep right? I made a few this year and here they are:
    • Stop smoking – Considering I don’t smoke and have never been a smoker it was pretty easy to do! I can happily check that off my list!
    • Start my blog – As you can tell I’ve started
    • Tone up – Well this is the journey I am still on…
Fitness, exercise, eating healthy, sweating I mean is there anything here that actually sounds appealing?
Exercise, sweat and most importantly healthy eating works! Eating healthily does not have to be boring or bland and does not only consist of ‘rabbit food’ (check out my nutrition page for some of my tasty recipes and pictures).
My fitness journey didn’t start as a resolution but as a change in lifestyle with the intention of it lasting a lifetime. I say this because fitness isn’t a destination but rather a journey. It’s much harder to maintain your achievement once you’ve reached your goal. This ongoing motion is why it’s a journey and not a destination.
I can be your testimony people because when I was younger I was always the ‘fat kid’. I was a dumpling! Not soft and tasty but fat, round and stumpy!! I was a myth, but now I can happily say those days are behind me *phew*

 All jokes aside, the annoying thing about New Year’s resolutions is that they get recycled from previous years (we all do it!). But let’s make this year different and say  NO to #RecycledResolutions.

Set yourself realistic goals that way you’re more likely to stick to it.
Don’t be the ‘guest appearance gymer’ or the person that recycles this year’s resolution next year. 
Join my journey and let’s see how it goes! If it works then we don’t have to recycle this resolution, if it doesn’t work then hey.. We’ll keep trying until it does!