So are you one of those people who find that your feet tire quickly during exercise? If so, then these Sole footbeds are just the thing you need.

Sole footbeds are over the counter orthopedic insoles which help your feet in several ways. They are ideal for runners, athletes and everyday fitness fanatics

whose workouts apply a lot of pressure on their feet.

Being very active on your feet, sometimes without adequate support, can allow your feet to become fatigued causing injuries and other painful issues. For example, I find that if I’m not wearing the correct footwear when i’m running or even doing exercises like star jumps of high knees, my feet start feeling tired or I start to feel pain at the soles of my feet. Since wearing these insoles, I no longer feel these aches or pains.

Whats great about these insoles is that the orthopaedic shape adapts to the shape of your foot and creates a customised, continuous surface of contact with the sole of the foot.

They range not only in colours but also in thickness and retail from £25.

If you’ve suffered from what i’ve mentioned above, I urge you to give these a try.

Check out their website for more information.