Sorbothane Pro Insoles



So you’re probably thinking, Gina you recently reviewed a pair of insoles. However, I am back with another one *DJ Khaled Voice* LOL.

Meet the  Sorbothane Pro Insoles. These differ to the Sole Footbeds I reviewed in a previous post, as these are designed not just for the everyday athlete who needs ultimate protection to reach optimum performance, but just anyone who needs extra support in general.

It’s purpose is to ensure that the feet are correctly aligned and cushioned when being used, to prevent discomfort not only on the feet but the legs and other parts of the body too. Having read a few reviews online, I’ve seen that they’ve helped cure people with not only foot pain, but also back and hip pain.

They are brilliant shock absorbers and for people like me with bad knees, they protect your knees and ankles from harmful shockwaves caused by high impact exercise. Not only that but it has an antibacterial top sheet which protects odours from forming within your shoes, so no smelly feet or shoes!

People suffering from certain foot conditions  such as heel pain, ankle instability, knee pain, shin splints, ball of foot pain and other conditions, canalso benefit from wearing these insoles.
If you’ve suffered from what i’ve mentioned above, why not give these a try.
They can be purchased from and and retail from £17.99.
G x