Sunday Funday

The weather wasn’t too bad on Sunday, so after church I decided to have a little workout in the park with my cousins. It was a short session which consisted of bodyweight exercises.
Bodyweight exercises are so convenient. You don’t need equipment, you can workout literally anywhere and all you need is your body! 
What I like about these types of exercises, is that they require more flexibility and balance in order to perform reps, in comparison to weight training. Because you have to use your bodyweight to adjust the difficulty of exercises, you learn how to make use of your entire body in any given movements.  
It’s all about becoming one with your body because you’re literally working with what you’ve got and your body HAS to tone itself because it’s naturally being conditioned to the same weight all the time. Not only that but, you can workout towards your own strengths and weaknesses, as through doing certain exercises you’ll be able to learn what muscles are stronger/weaker.
There is an ongoing discussion about Bodyweight Training vs Weight Training but that’s a different blog post. Personally, I like them both and think when combined together you get good results, but that’s just my opinion. J
But yh …since the weathers getting better now, I plan to do a lot more training in the park on weekends…so anyone interested let me know and lets do this!