SWEAT at Debenhams

Last week I got invited down to the launch of a new gym partnership bridging the gap between retail and fitness. Debenhams has collaborated with a fitness club called SWEAT and the branch in Sutton is the first department store to have a gym on the shop floor.

This collaborating is amazing as it provides customers with not only a social shopping experience but there is also an amazing rewards scheme, where you can get free gifts from the points you collect from attending the gym.

So who is SWEAT then? Well, SWEAT are a fitness club who are giving the UK gym concept a facelift. The gym is full of new technology (provided by Technogym), and entertainment systems which provide a gym user, a more engaging experience.

What I love about this gym is the vibe and energy. From the colour co-ordination to the layout of the gym, you can tell it has all been thought out thoroughly to provide you with the best virtual experience. For someone like me who does get bored very quickly, there is a lot going on that will keep me entertained. For example, the classes aren’t your average workout classes. There is a spin room, a boxing area, free weights, high level (Skill Line) machines focusing on cardio and power and the option to just go up the escalator to shop in Debenhams.

The convenience of being able to combine a workout with a shopping trip or a friendly catch up, all from £18.99 is more than a bargain.

My only criticism is that Sutton is VERY FAR from me. However, if this was my local gym I would have already signed up.

Click here for more information and if you do live in the Sutton area, go check it out!