Tis the season to get Techy- #FitBit


Although Xmas day is over, you can bet the over indulgence of carb loaded dishes, chocolate infused deserts and alcohol is far from over.

Most health conscious people use the festive period as a way to make up for the strict regimes they put themselves through, over the course of the year- well I know I did anyway lol.

Luckily, as tradition would have it, I treat/punish myself to a Boxing Day run. It’s my way of making myself feel better for all the naughty treats I’ve allowed myself to have.

Thanks to Ebay, I’m on a new mission. They gifted me with an amazing #fitbit which I just can’t put down. According to Ebay, this year’s technology sales over the festive period, will surpass the £104 billion mark. So with the task of being my own #Technoel (Xmas technology genius), I had to get my #fitbit up and running as fast as I could.

Since it’s been up and running, I’ve been able to track my steps, calories burnt in a day and even monitor my heart rate. I’ve decided to give myself a bit of a break over the festive period, so besides my run, I’m yet to give it a real go in the gym.

If you’re trying to get more precise with your workouts, this is definitely a gadget I would recommend.

If you have a Fitbit or are planning on getting one, make sure you add me ([email protected]) so we can become #Fitbit buddies.

G x