Top tips to stay fit on holiday

As many of you will now know, I’ve been spending some time in Africa exploring the culture and fitness.
The main thing of course is keeping my fitness levels up, which is not always easy when you’re on holiday.
Getting the motivation to work out whilst being in the sweltering heat can be difficult, especially if you’re away with family or friends who are all sat around the pool drinking cocktails and bathing in the glorious sun.
So, here are my top 3 tips to ensure you stay fit and healthy on holiday to help you avoid coming back several pounds heavier.
1) Book a hotel with a gym – most hotels nowadays come with a gym included, free to use for all customers. When booking your holiday it’s important for you to look around and see what hotels have this feature. Often those with it don’t come at an extra cost, and even if you only go a few times a week, you’ll feel better for it.
2) Don’t just paddle in the pool – swimming is great for general fitness and it works your entire body. Avoid standing still in the water and actually get moving! Swimming is not only incredibly enjoyable but good for you. The more you move the better you’ll feel.
3) Keep hydrated through water – this may seem slightly obvious, but so many of us opt for creamy coffees or sugary cocktails when we’re lounging by the pool. Not only are these drinks doing no good for you, they’re also not doing their job of keeping you hydrated. Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day will not only keep you hydrated, but will have added benefits for your skin and internal system.