Traded In My Heart For Muscle

So what’s this ‘traded in my heart for muscle’ jazz all about then? Well as you know, I found my love for fitness during a state of depression after breaking up with my ex boyfriend. I’ve always been a ‘guest appearance gymer’ and had issues with my weight, so I guess my story’s much deeper than my ex-boyfriend- but that’s another blog post (soon come). Anyway, I got really slim and lost 1.5 stone in one month…I know some of you are thinking that’s amazing-but nah, it wasn’t cool.

Look at my collar bone -_____-

I started looking ill, my hair fell out, I skipped periods – I was a hot mess. Eventually, I started eating again and with being a food lover; I went a bit overboard lol. As my body had been longing for the food I had been depriving it of, the weight came back on FAST!
One day I was feeling really upset and I needed to get out of my house so I went for a run. I found it so soothing and therapeutic and soon it became a way of channelling any negativity I was feeling. 
Anyone that knows me personally can confirm that I’m a moody cow *makes cow noise*. I used to have serious mood swings, well I still kinda do but I’m working on it lol. But working out has made this a lot better. Whenever I felt upset, annoyed, in a mood – anything negative, I would just go to the gym and work it off.
Soon it became my addiction – an addiction that only I understood. It was from then on I decided to trade in all my emotions in relation to my break up and anything negative for a long term relationship with my health and fitness.
The amazing thing about breakups is they change you. Some let the break up break them but I chose to build myself up and focus on being and becoming a better me. By the way I still think love is amazing *gag* (I’m not bitter).
Just to be clear, traded in my heart for muscle doesn’t represent being anti-men or love, even though that’s the vibe I sometimes give off-trust me it’s all banter. It’s about turning negative energy into positive results. 
The aim of the movement is to empower others especially females, yes you had a bad day, yes your boyfriend cheated on you, yes you didn’t get the job, yes your heartbroken, yes you’ve gained weight and have rolls that seem to have appeared from no where. I know you can’t fit into that dress you bought last summer and yes yes yes – I know you want to wear that backless dress but you know things ain’t looking how they used to be, but it can change.
Just focus on channelling that negative energy into something positive to build a better you. Get your mind right and your body will follow. So whenever you’ve had one of them days, just focus on YOU. Eat right, go for a run or go to the gym – I don’t want to hear excuses just do it #NoNike…work that negativity to the ground!