Triple P: Patience Persistence Progression

Let me be honest, unless you appreciate these 3 p’s, your fitness journey will be short lived. Like the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither was the perfect body. Put it this way, if it was that simple then I’m pretty sure everyone would have the body they desired and PT’s and instructors wouldn’t exist.-but it’s not that simple.
I’ve been on this journey for over a year and it’s not only till recently that I’m actually starting to see results. GetbodiedByJ says she’s been training for over 10 years and her body’s improved after having her two children.


It’s all about exercising patience and riding out the storm because the results will be worth it in the end.

If at first u don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again #NoAaliyah. The saying goes if it isn’t broke don’t fix it…If you’re doing something and it’s working for u then keep doing it ! However, if you’ve been doing something for a while and it’s not making the changes you want then you have to switch things up. Try increasing or decreasing your resistance, doing more reps, alternative exercises or work out with different people. Whatever you do, just switch it up!


If you exercise patience and persistence, this should lead to progression.

My cousin @lucioustv is living proof that squats do work people!!!
Pictures are the best way to track your progress. The good thing about before and after pictures is that they allow you to see the results of your hard work and it’s also a good way to keep you motivated.

Sometimes I do get discouraged but my pictures keep me motivated and show me how far I’ve come and how hard I’ve worked.

So guys whenever you feel like giving up just keep calm and remember the 3 p’s.