Urban Remedy


Calling all my USA followers, allow me to introduce to you Urban Remedy.

Who are Urban Remedy Gina?, Well, they’re a brand whose line of products include raw, ready to eat snacks, meals, cold-pressed juices and more. Their mantra is ‘Food is Healing’, which is reflected in their use of organic ingredients and the best super-foods to ensure the best nutrients for your body.

At the moment, they have amazing deal I had to share with you. Their current offers include:

50% Off a 28 day supply of Urban Remedy’s New Herbal Slimming Tea with promo code: SLIMMINGTEA. This is valid throughout the whole of February and ends at the end of this month (28/02/15).



Also on offer is a FREE two weeks supply of the Slimming Tea, when you purchase a 28 day. The promo code for this offer is also SLIMMINGTEA and is also valid until 28/02/15.

Their slimming tea is prefect for suppressing your appetite and boosting your metabolism. What sets it apart from other tea’s is that it not only provides you with fast result but it is also stimulant-free, which means it is all natural and contains no caffeine.



Sounds good right !

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