When’s The Best Time To Workout?



Figuring out the best time to workout can be as mythical, political and nonsensical as debating whether or not we should be drinking animal or legume milk. But as with all things both complex and beneficial, the answer only truly lies within yourself. Yep, it’s personal.

Some say working out before your first meal at the stroke of dawn is best for shifting stubborn fat stores, others say it’s best to expend all your energy before you hit the sack to keep pesky bulges at bay.

Women’s Health Magazine states that morning exercise maxes out your metabolism, so if you hit the gym in the AM, you’ll continue burning calories throughout the day, even whilst you consume them. However, a 2010 biology based study claims that working out in the evening when energy levels are far more human than at 5.30am, will mean you are faster, stronger and more able to perform at your best, thus getting a more productive workout.

Personally, I like to get my workout in any time I can. Whether that be in a 6am one on one client session, a 3 mile lunch or a late night weight lifting link up really depends on my mood. There are loads of conflicting studies out there for near enough ANYTHING you do in life let alone something as will power inducing as bussin a sweat so my advice to you is just to work out whenever you feel most motivated and stick at it. You can procrastinate all you like, fretting between am and pm gym slots but hard work and dedication are the biggest hands on any biological clock.

Love Geen x