Where’d all the lettuce go?


So apparently there is a lettuce shortage in the UK, last week it was courgettes and now this, why are they punishing us healthy eating folk? We only want to look and feel amazing! Fear not, I’ve got you covered with some amazing ways to still build a salad without lettuce and without fuss. Besides who cares about lettuce anyway *sniff*.

Base: the first step to any salad is of course a leafy base, something green and something fresh experiment with kale, spinach and cabbage.

Something to crunch: any good salad has a lot of texture you want colour and crunch, up the texture with ed pepper, courgette and carrots.

Sprinkle of seeds: enhance your vitamin amounts my adding some seeds try sesame, pumpkin or pine nuts.

Soften the dish: usually a softener would be avocado, a massively popular salad topper at the moment, but you can also work with tomatoes or roasted sweet potatoes

Expect the unexpected: jazz your salad up with something different like pickled veggies, dried fruit or watermelon.

Pump up the protein: usually people find their protein in steak, a pricy way to top up your salad, but you could also have tofu, nuts, quinoa or eggs.

Drizzle with dressing: finish your salad with a final flourish, look to pesto, hummus, vinaigrette or diary products for inspiration.

We will not allow this lack of lettuce to ruin us, we will stand tall and enjoy our food and experiment with new ingredients to develop new salads and lettuce alternatives.

G x