Who is Just Geen?


Some of you may have already read my story, but for those that haven’t, this is the reason why health and fitness means so much to me…

I started off as just a female who became inspired by fitness as a result of a break up. During my break up, my weight fluctuated between 9.5 and 11 stone and my confidence took a massive hit. Considering I had never really been a confident person, this left me lost not knowing who I was or where I was going. It sounds silly writing this now, but at the time I felt like my world had come to an end as I was extremely depressed.

If I’m being honest, my journey is much bigger than my break up. I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food and issues with my weight. At the age of 11, I weighed around 11 stone and was wearing adult sized clothing during primary school. As you can imagine, this did nothing for my confidence and affected the relationships I formed with people, whilst growing up.

My teenage years were probably the worst as I did not like what puberty was doing to me. The ‘in thing’ at the time was to be skinny and I was far from that. So what did I do? I ate once a day and abused laxatives. Gross, I know but I didn’t know how else to lose weight. As you can imagine, any weight I lost from doing that, didn’t last for long as I loved food too much and it was the only thing that made me happy.

 During my emotional roller coaster I lost 1.5 stone in less than a month, my hair started falling out, I skipped periods and my health dramatically deteriorated. However, being the obsessed food lover that I am, I eventually, started eating again and the weight came back on FAST!

 I became extremely fed up of this continuous cycle I had been battling with for the better part of my life. One random day, during a self pity moment, I  needed to get out of my house so I went for a run. I found it so soothing and therapeutic and it quickly became a way for me to channel my negative energy.

Soon it became my addiction and from then on I decided to trade in all my emotions in relation to my heart break and anything negative, for a long term relationship with health and fitness…and three years on, this relationship is still going strong!

 Now, this lifestyle is no longer just about me. It’s about empowering others to change their mindset. The amount of doors I have been able to open since learning how to tap into my ability to channel negative energy to produce positive results, has been priceless. If I can do it, then you can do it too.

I recently made this video to introduce myself to the world with the hopes of inspiring those around me.

Check it out…I hope you like it 🙂