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When it comes to health and fitness, everyone’s journey should be special and unique to them. Although the journey is hard work and challenging, having the support from others who have been there and who are there walking with you, makes so much of a difference.  I believe everybody needs some kind of support and encouragement but more so, nobody needs to walk on this journey alone.

Initially, I was extremely nervous about sharing my fitness journey because I did not want others to judge me or laugh. However, it was through sharing my journey that I found my purpose and realised that I was an inspiration to others. Sometimes we lose sight of just how difficult it can be to make a lifestyle change. It takes time, consistency, patience, successes and failures for obstacles to be truly overcome.

So lets walk together as you discover the real you on this amazing journey. You don’t need to walk alone, lets walk with a network of friends all on a quest to a healthier lifestyle. Lets share our stories, celebrate our successes, learn from our failures and along the way inspire others who do not want to walk alone too.

Geen x